Episode 6

Published on:

1st Dec 2019

Video Games, Coffee, and Colin Kaepernick

In this episode the guys do their first coffee review, Steve tells a funny wedding story, more news in the Colin Kaepernick saga, and everyone shares their top five video games of all time.


00:40 - Josh discusses his dog's obsession with a new toy he found and Brian discusses his guest appearance on another podcast

05:23 - Coffee Review - The guys review their first coffee on the show, Seattle's Best Post Alley Coffee

09:25 - The News - Colin Kaepernick misses his own workout, National Unfriend Day, The Fastest Traveling Star in the Universe, Parasites in a Man's Penis, and a New Google Maps Feature

33:33 - Steve's Story - Steve tells a story about an old friend who has new wedding plans

38:34 - Beer Review - Stone Brewery Tropic of Thunder Lager

58:38 - Top Five - This week the guys discuss their top five video games of all time

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